CMI Specialty AC and DC Coils/Insulation Systems

CMI has available a wide variety of coil insulation systems and product lines suited to meet your customers’ special applications or demanding requirements. Listed below are some of the different types of coils that we can manufacture with a specific insulation system. Our team of coil experts will be glad to discuss your particular needs.

  • Hermetic Coils
  • Green B-Stage Coils
  • Class H Coils
  • Industrial Armature Coils
  • Two-piece Armature Coils
  • Equalizer Coils
  • Rotor Bars/Coils
  • Rotating-Field Coils
  • Shaft-Wound Rotors
  • Series, Shunt, Compound Field Coils
  • Interpole Coils
  • Lifting Magnet Coils
  • Brake and Magnetic Clutch Coils
  • Shaker Coils