Magnet Wire Insulation Systems

Approximately eighty percent of all electrical failures begin as copper-to-copper faults. CMI recognizes that the manufacturing of excellent coils begins during the quality planning stage when customer needs and requirements are recognized and coil designs are optimized to provide the most reliable windings in the industry.

At CMI, an impressive inventory of high-grade quad film magnet wire is complemented by excellent supplier relations. This enables the incorporation of the best turn and strand insulation materials available for all of our projects. The end result is a reliable coil system with optimum surge protection capability.

The CMI Turn and Strand Insulation Process

In applications where film coated magnet wire is appropriate, CMI uses only the best materials in the industry. At CMI, quad film coated magnet wire is standard whenever possible, delivering a breakdown voltage of almost twice that of heavy film.

For machines that have higher operating turn-to-turn stress, a history of transient surge occurrences, or application duty that inflicts severe mechanical stress on the winding, film coated magnet wire may not be sufficient. In these situations, CMI utilizes a combination of quad film coated magnet wire reinforced with either one or two layers of fused dacron-glass yarn. Our state-of-the-art glass serving machine is the result of an ongoing effort to deliver the best coils in the industry while reducing downtime.

CMI specializes in producing reliable coils for the most severe of applications. When either one or two layers of mica turn tape is required, there is no substitute for experienced personnel equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. Our custom built turn taping machinery works inline with the looping machine to minimize production time while ensuring that constant tension and optimal lapping are maintained.

Rigorous turn and strand insulation selection is the foundation of a quality winding. Our versatile and rugged ground insulation systems build on this foundation to deliver maximized uptime based on increased surge protection capability and optimized operating conditions.